Wednesday, March 23, 2016

About | The Luxury Companion on BraveSites and where you will stumble into an Adult Star

The Luxury Companion and the porn stars. does one who is visiting Southern California can reasonably expect to find one of the Adult Stars so often seen on DVD box covers, Billboard advertisements and the ever so popular Internet digital play ground is that rhetorical question that is a topic among guys at the office lunch room area or the coffee break area. Guess what! sometimes simple answers to even the most complex of situations are often found directly below the nose area so to speak.

As a girl and former cooperate suit type I have personally over heard the above mentioned question withing the confines of the very office location as mentioned above. I was not until a dear dear friend of mine who left this office environment and in sheer curiosity and desperation she explored doing make up on Porn sets, Being the nymphomaniac who engaged in a chronic case of promiscuous behavior to the point of which we both knew she would loose herself to inserting herself on a set where she renders a scene indicative of what she does best. Sara took on a stage name Lily and the rest of the name we I will hold, but just for now.
She was an alt girl look and Lily did not have a clear distinction with whom she would corner and push up against a wall and oh she was the best kisser and her hands so soft while groping my crotch area.

Introduced to girl on girl, this was my introduction to adult films, The memory of us in that office during after hours was so epic and hmmm well moist.

As soon as Lily;s videos ended up on DVD's I had to watch,  Soon I found myself watch at lot of her scenes and not long I became obsessed with girl on girl porn. Lily made me her girl friend and what an adventure that was. We dabbled with ropes and blind folds gaged and bound, We later began to experiment with a Boy friends neck ties when he was not home. What is more hot than watching two hot girls going at it ? I think when you meet the girl in that video and you know her well inside and out. See if you can guess the Alternative former first timer girl friend experience in this picture gallery Pinterest Gallery
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Porn Stars just do it better than most if not always. Stay tuned for the rest of this story and for now view and enjoy some picture galleries Google Plus