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The Luxury Companion blog and picture gallery links. It is time to say yes it is time for a change and say say I do

We the people of The Luxury companion and Porn Valley Sunny Southern California from the very first time we have met Adriana Chechik knew a star of a different bread was born. Adriana has distinguished herself from her peers as an exceptional and not worthy Adult Performer. This Porn Star performance is just 0ff the charts. Get to know Adriana. Already too many AVN Nominations to keep track of, we have all simply just lost count. 
Where have all the girls gone is that old cliche that is so incredible of a betrayal and defying what so many already knows. Well there are places and time where some may not want that all too good of  girl at all times.
An epiphany moment and striking sudden realization of this could be you with one of the girls in the pictures. 

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Think  as you look at these pictures of models and adult stars such as Amber what thoughts do these images suddenly produce as the mind is boggled with the constant re-occurrence of a formal introduction to these exceptional jaw dropping shock and awe statuettes. The girls of your dreams should never be all too reserved in showing them to the world,  Nice pair Amber, Glaze our many  picture galleries such as those on Pinterest, for more sustained attention grabbers observe the Tumblr gallery. Match making collage one zero one Please view the Video
The Luxury Companion
The Luxury Companion
These pictures ought to be considered  subliminal imagery each with its own intensity and thought provoking ideas, a genre of  something that is regarded as fine art, beauty and poetry. Getting in the Know.
 A dear friend of mine asked me at dinner while we took notice of some rather shanty dressed but very attractive girls approximately in their mid twenties, My friend as me "where have all the good girls gone" I wanted to reveal a few small bits with some clues, I think most would prefer a good girl but with a certain twist at times. The rest of my thoughts on this , I will leave up to your imaginative creative senses.

The Luxury CompanionRight here and right now meet a dream date. The Luxury Companion. Dating 10's Made easy. Get to know . TLC is more than just a witty name with cleaver slogans. Ever think girls this beautiful are predisposed towards being rude and gold diggers with a sense of a certain mindless aim, Well think again, Many of today's elite companion's are in fact collage educated, some are models, feature dancers many have careers and most are acclaimed house hold name brand adult stars with etiquette and manners. Many easily holds an intellectual  conversation on a sustained and continuous basis that  can be at times eternally beautiful unfading and ever lasting. Remember life is short spent your time wisely and make the pleasure not just that of your own. TLC one of the happiest places on earth

Stacy J 
The Luxury Companion

The Epitome of  what exactly a model material stunner should be Defined as. Traveling with you, Wine and dine a beautiful stunner while on a trip or traveling for work. Traveling can and should be adventurous, fun and exciting.Traveling with a companion such as Stacy Jay is an Epic moment designed to have those rare moments roam about the mind as if they were foot steps etched in the sands of time. See whats what is being said about us by those who know about Adonia's efforts

Not just your common caused so called companion, TLC's  recommended  have graced the covers of DVD Box covers, Appeared in adult videos featured in many magazines such as Penthouse, Playboy, Hustler and many others. Be seen with girls of renown beauty and grace. Meet an America Adult Actress who is an Undisputed Iconic figure
Drum Roll Please

Veronica Avluv is an house hold name, known as a quintessential performer and known for her incredible feats in execution of quintessential ability and conceptions in her craft of stunning and noteworthy performances accounted for on numerous DVD box covers and  cable networks features which sets her apart from her colleagues. Veronica is of refined mannerisms and the perfect dinner date. 
Meeting Natalie is made easy  Natalie is available and can be booked for Night Club Hostings Feature dancing, Live Video window shows product modeling.

Natalie Ross can be seen in Las Vegas as a fight Night ring girl side in spring 2015

Summer Brielle
The Luxury CompanionAdult Super Star, Consumer Product Feature Model and dancer Summer is the quintessential Exemplification The Lusty Busty Blond Bombshell of an American performer for today's Adult industry iconic look. Get familiar with a new and yet profound meaning of Summer time. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon on Summer Brielle.
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Summer Brielle the bolder the blond was once quoted as stating if a Gentleman desires the company of a beautiful busty blond Bikini Island bomshell who is Intelligent, Witty, open minded, graceful and ingenious one has to be a gentleman and VIP member. Southern Charm meets Hollywood. Meet Summer Brielle refined and made easy. 

Get back stage inside view of life in the adult industry with Summer Brielle and company on you tube
Creme Del La Creme  is that Jennifer Dark
Someone who makes life that much more beautiful                  
Luxury companion Jennifer
Jennifer Dark

Coming Soon for 2016 Jennifer Dark's Own Adult Site

Traveling alone may be a rewarding moments, However, let's set the bar for an epic moment. The Luxury Companion says there is a much better way for a few and those in "the know". Travels should include a companion or two. Perhaps a significant other travel companion to slash a special friend. Play Pal Jenifer Dark is coming soon on  Weebly    

Jennifer will be on a Feature dance tour and coming to a city near you soon, Jennifer is excited in launching a new website with a feature dance and tours. Jennifer Eleven will be adding new scenes for her fans and admirers. Mr Jennifer Dark promises to update the site with new scenes and open shows that each custom videos and Skype.

Typically a CEO should find Themselves on a trip with some real company. Adonia says Happy travels. What is a logical choice, Who is your companion luxury travel date is your choice. Find a long term quality travel partner, this can make or break a trip. Get to know Jennifer Dark, coming soon on  Brave Sites

Not all friends makes for a pristine travel Proteges . Choose wisely and ask who is highly recommended before inviting someone on a trip with you. So what makes the best travel date you ask?

Find someone who fits your criteria and you can now be confident. Pack your Bags in absolute confidence

Adorning, Embellishment of a picture perfect posture silhouette of what a model is material. Meet Jennifer Dark.

Jennifer Dark is a   nonpareil of a  select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or Adult Qualities of today's stars.

Of refined European elegance and charm with just the right twist of a dark side of pleasure to be around Jennifer Dark. Whats in a name? There are many Jennifer's but there is only one Jennifer Dark. 
Some girls are just better than others and Jennifer is such a delight. Others are of all sizes and shapes, others are Raven busty blonds or brunettes, some have long or short hair worn down while Others with ivory or olive skin tones just right so to all tanned. Whatever one finds pleasing to the eyes etched with memories of Jennifer turns heads and leaves the foot of the steps along the sands of time.

                            Getting Addicted to Jennifer Dark

  Adonia's gal pals comprises mostly of  Consumer Product Model Convention, UFC Fight Night ring girls and one of Americas top-side of a RANKED with adult stars.
Travel companion, companion Dinner date and head turning eye candy Jennifer as seen on late night cable feature adult super star. Beauty beckoning with a tremendous sense of alluring embellishment of captivating craves. Now available for a limited bachelors private parties and special events for the gentlemen and couples and adventures of taste who are fortunate in having an introduction. 
Models, dancer Features get in the know. . Jennifer Dark and friends is as if its your birthday and the gift that keeps on giving is in memories.

Americas network feature dance with A list Group and The Lee Network. Keep your eyes wide open and eyes tuned for radio and late night Television advertisement Announcing Jennifer Dark's scheduled appearances announcements guess at your nearest upscale Gentlemen's clubs near your location. 
See it all in a sheer nightie attire covering every precious momentarily covered anatomy, dance Just prior to a feature or photo shoots. Imagine your favorite adult Meeting Jennifer Dark Star, model dance, dinner date or travel companion.
Some bends and spreads their knees to get that striking pose. Whatever the thongs hides, you will have to get that DVD or get them to find out live web cam NOW 
See the mega stars strips figures show show off all of them lovely feet. Today's top stars such as Jennifer works at it, To attain that picture perfect body. Stretches, sit ups, captivating and intense workouts that yields mind bobbling Meet a slender physiques and addictive personality of a most sort after adult star. There is also something about her daring so why not meet all now.

Have you seen that video of that modern adult star. Watching all the lingerie Slowly peel away from each natural body. The naughty side of Jennifer Dark Dark.

Play Mate and Penthouse pet of royalty in this type of  saucy Companion remedy for the blues, work or office. Cheer up and select the ENTER button. 
See the dark haired Bombshell pose any creamy white flesh and pink pointed nipples while lifting up all night to reveal a very personal piercings that she loves.

I just can not seem to get enough of each. See that "IT" girl again for this all out girl on girl or any kind of shooter come to life. Each Web Shows should not be left unfulfilled fantasy. Meet Jennifer Dark at one or more Scale Up Gentleman's clubs near you. 

Pleasure in zones of memories and day dream though, that the antics of: what "it girl" is like. Behold Jennifer Dark With epic physical traits paired with a super sexy lingerie, That is beauty

Poses and posture and Glamour, exquisite Meeting friends in your Favorite each and every gentleman's club, Magazines and Adult film stars. Meet them for a statement bachelors party. Lets make this  happen

Witness your IT girl bombshell adult star in a slinky dress that slides off and around each sensual body once the cameras start rolling. She does not wait long before it comes off and off the charts.

Imagine what you would say to her if you met her, Be there and meet her.
Rendezvous made easy, Go to a night club, every religion, every take shopping, take a long romantic drive with her.

Your pulse is quickening as you contact. You have only dreamed of meeting with her. She has been in your fantasies at every turn. Spending time with each one a classy date would only be the start of what you would like to experience in your reality. Fantasy getaway with her ​​when you can take a break from responsibilities would be the ultimate adventure. You already reward yourself with the finest luxuries and exceptional VIP experiences in life. People describe you as a man of action, decisive, a risk-taker. Otherwise, you would not have Reached the level of success you have achieved so far. Instead of merely imagining what it would be like to spend time with the girl of your dreams, you can now leave your imagination behind. You just wrapped up your call us, but it's only the beginning of what's in store. Everything has been taken care of. You did not realize it would be so uncomplicated to make an arrangement like this. As you wind up your business day, you know that in a few hours, she will be on her way to meet you for dinner and a night to remember.

Adult and mainstream models, Convention Product models, porn stars, dancers, entertainers, Playmates and Penthouse Pets and beautiful women interested in connecting with you.  

The Luxury Companion

While based in southern California and regularly travel to major cities around the country or even worldwide for exclusive pre-arranged rendezvous vacation getaways. Sexy girls travel to events that might be taking place right in your city. Other talented ladies go on tours that feature dancing might be inclusive of your area. A few lovely companions are located outside of southern California, including Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Washington DC. Or if you travel to LA for business or pleasure, you know who to call to make your trip simply unforgettable. 

Looking to go on a fantasy vacation with the adult star of your desires? Some of our companions would love to take a break and travel with you to an exotic location and enjoy the wild hedonistic pleasures which await. Ask about our destination travel companions when you call, if this is the consummate experience you are seeking. Indulge in that vacation of a lifetime. Life is too short not to reward yourself. Everything you now know about Adonia should make you want to click the ENTER key or fill out our inquiry form on our website to book a memorable date, weekend or what-have-you in mind? Than, you can spend the rest of your time focused on what you do best while keeping your fantasy girl at your fingertips.  

Many of the impressive stars and models that  has Appeared in numerous videos for the most well-known and award-winning adult production companies.  These stellar beauties have been spotlighted in scintillating pictorials on various websites or in photo spreads in the top adult men's magazines and publications. Our feature dancers as they headline at the most upscale gentlemen's clubs. There is plenty of visual media you can access on your phone or computer of our sexy companions before or after making your selection. Of course, this will build up even more excitement and anticipation about connecting with your dream date.

The Luxury Companion's Jasmine Caro, Penthouse Pet
More than Just mesmerizing erotic photos of our models on Pinterest , Google Plus and Tumblr . Check out the in-depth photo and promo teases on our block, all of which you can click to access from our website. Realistically, no other service even comes close to the obvious and  time tested results .Unparalleled in presenting the most beautiful and engaging performers and models for your delectation. And even more important to note, that we conduct business discreetly. We do not have a large presence on Twitter or Facebook, nor do we plan to depreciate it by ourselves overly promoting social presence on those platforms.  
 If you are not planning to request a specific model or porn star, please describe the perfect companion you are looking for, so that we can match you with your ideal. Most of our companions are very popular, in-demand performers and have a schedule they must keep them for the career, for public appearances and for industry events including conventions, award shows, etc. So, if you wish to book a specific starlet, but you have limited time availability, be sure to have a backup girl or two in mind if your first choice is not available when you request a time-sensitive date.      
Leave your concerns and details to Adonia in initiating and creating a dazzling moments up close connection date for both of you. Do not delay in making a date now. Remember that adult actresses, playmates, pets, dancers and models do occasionally leave the business to move on to other Endeavors it is to move on with Their Lives. You do not want to say to yourself: I wish I had booked a date with her rock star idol that before a big flashy engagement ring on her finger. An extraordinary life of fulfilling all of your inner desires is within reach. Do not regret that you did not pick up the phone and arrange to experience the fantasy you had in your mind before your dream girl was no longer available.

 Established  Friends is our VIP Club. Reward features include access to the exclusive private view even more models and performers who are not showcased on our webpage tempting See the Companions. Yes, there are select models only Friends who are exclusive. These seemingly elusive stars like to keep it secret from their dating Indulgences them are public personae and choose to not be featured on our Companions page for this reason. We hope you will become one of our VIP members soon and take advantage of all that this elite level of membership has to offer you.

The highlights who is new to companionship on. We are very aware that he is eager to meet client base blossoming young nubile starlets and models whose careers are on the rise. There is always something special about girls who are new to performing and modeling. They seem to have fresh energy and enthusiasm for connecting with them are admirers.
We understand that our clients do not have time to deal with especially energy draining drama ridden relationships with high maintenance girlfriends that gold-digging sugar babies. We know you are looking for a carefree and exciting rendezvous that can be scheduled on relatively short notice or booked in advance to fit into a window of time.  The Models enjoy the thrill and excitement of meeting you and expressing them are affluent men like the excitement one-on-one. You can even get creative with your dates. Do you like to indulge beautiful women with gifts? Why not take your date on a shopping spree. Are you an avid adventurer? Why not do something wild like taking a helicopter ride over the city at night.

Trust  and value  ​​discretion making your experience highly discreet.

While our clients may be the risk-takers, we are well aware that certain celebrity and high profile relationships with clients can not take Risks where discretion is a potential issue. Unless, of course, you crave a decadent night out on the town or you want your companion to be your "plus one" at a social event or attend a high profile party where all eyes will be riveted on both of you. Imagine how others will take note of your status and be envious of the stunning and well-recognized eye candy on your arm as you bypass the velvet rope.  If this is the case, you certainly will not mind being noticed and, in fact,Get noticed.
The Luxury Companion 

The girlfriend experience is extremely popular with clients. It's like pressing fast forward on a relationship to the point where you and your date are more intimately involved as boyfriend and girlfriend. If you long for the pleasure and magnetic charm that sexy perfect date for you. A little romance is only a phone call away. You can date the star of your dreams with TLC's matchmaking magic. Feel relaxed knowing that your companion is in no rush. You are all complete and total focus. Luxuriate in getting to know each other and having a great time together. A personal luxury experience should never be hurried. We want both of you to enjoy each other's companionship.   We look forward to taking care of the business of introducing you to delightful dates, so that the passion and the pleasure will be all yours.

We feature models and entertainers age 18 and up, including mature retired or current models Blondes, brunettes, redheads. Latins, Asians and other exotic beauties. Fantasies can be fulfilled. Do not be nervous. Share your fantasy with us, so that's an alluring adult companion can fulfill your fantasy for you. Looking for something different? We also present alternative fetish performers who welcome the kinky side of companionship. Females with tattoos and piercings and a penchant for wicked debauchery might become your new addiction.

Many of our clients seek arrangements satisfying it again and again. Of course, there is a reason. Who does not want to gaze at the breathtaking perfection incarnate? Who is not drawn to a new adventure waiting for them with them on the next date? Our VIPs have Expressed that they will never use any other dating service. Other clientele has advised us that they have abandoned memberships on websites filled with flaky, desperate and unreliable girls who were looking to latch onto rich sugar daddies. Our clients are professionals who want to deal with a professional service that is simply the best adult entertainment Provides tantalizing talent for private trysts or splashy public appearances.  

Are you looking to inject a little more excitement and thrill into your life? Who is not? Fantasies only go so far in your mind before they run out of steam. If you've invested time watching explicit films, going to gentlemen's clubs, reading your favorite men's magazines, etc., you need to invest just a few minutes more to make the girl in the video, on the stage or on the page come to life. You can feel the deep need to leave the fantasy mode behind. Time is always of the essence to transform fantasies into realities.

Meet a New Comer to the URL on Earth Happiest ..
Aimee Black is a sweet heart. Aimee is no stranger to the aged ole term. "LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION" Apple Bottom and buxom all natural lovely Aimee Aims to make a name for her self.
She loved by so many and sea Aimee and get acquainted with the this darling as she is about the hit the stage at your fave gentleman's club dancing her way through the night
Eden Adams Luxury Companion and Penthouse Pet and Hustler Magazine Cover Girl

Bomb Shell Edams who is a Tall Blond Ambition Eden Adams Is a Sexy Adult star who has seen the covers of Penthouse Magazine, Variations Magazine, Hustler Cover Girl and Countless DVD Box covers

This Adult Former Teen Star Reigns from South California and is a party girl type with Manners
                                                                   Penthouse Pet

 Fantasies on film and of the mind.

Eden Adams started here career at age of Ninteen. The California blonde, Bombshell vixen has a sexy smile and a pretty face on top of her petite frame. The obvious  natural choice to play "teens" and "co-eds" racking up appearances in more than 240 titles over the past few year for studios such as  Hustler, Jules Jordan and Pink Visual,playboy and many many otheres

June 2011 Pet of the month in Adams Eden in a Penthouse nude photo gallery.
Who has been spending all of her time in the great outdoors and she looks so fine here 
Each sunning huge breasts lakeside.

Krissy Lynn is an Adult Actress America and Notable American Feature Dancer who Appears In Gentleman's Clubs across the United States
Busty and shapely 5 'foot 3 "blonde bombshell Krissy Lynn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. Krissy beg every career in the adult entertainment industry working as an exotic dancer at the strip club Southern Exposure in Utah for about a year.

krissy  moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and Continued to work as a dancer at the gentleman's club Sapphire. While in Las Vegas she Started frequenting the sex club the Green Door and hooked up with a porn star couple. This led to Krissy winds Directly involved with the porn movie business. She signed a contract with the top agency talent in September 2008, and beg that performing in explicit hardcore movies in her mid 20s in 2009. Lynn has worked for such major companies as Vivid, Hustler, Wicked, and Pure Play. Krissy did her first anal sex scene for Brazzers in March, 2010. She won an AVN Award for the Best Three-Way Sex Scene in 2011. She was nominated for three AVN awards for 2012, did not win this. Lynn enjoys hiking, exercising, and doing oil paintings in every spare time

Do you like surprises? Some of our clientele love to be pleasantly surprised. When they say, "Surprise me," we send a mystery girl of our choice to be the date them is delicious. No one has ever been disappointed by is their beautiful and sexy surprise gift is that he walked into their hotel room on the doorbell rang, I thee. Do you want to blow everyone's mind at an upcoming bachelor party? Contact The Luxury Companion for an epic night of decadent fun with some of the hottest adult stars and models who would love to make your bachelor party stag night the epitome of infamy.

You may wonder why so many beautiful women coordinate dates through Adonia?  


The most elite introduction service for a reason. Well known and highly regarded on the companion side by adult performers, entertainers, models and dancers and on the client side by men of affluence, professionals, celebrities, actors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, sports stars and more. Let us make that perfect introduction for you. It will only be visiting and revisiting it Companions page to meet even more exceptional, beautiful woman. Two girl dates or even a bevy of beautiful women can be arranged to meet with you in person. Where fantasy fulfillment excels. We can help you make your fantasy come true exhilarating.

"You Only Live Once" is far more than the cliché YOLO urban music. When you think about it, mortality is the final destiny. Define yourself by everything you do before that finality. Live life to the fullest and date the most beautiful and sexy women in the world. Make us your go-to adult dating service to fill your life with what you've been missing beauty, passion, excitement ... a mesmerizing muse, a pretty paramour, a classy confidante. The clients will call us from them on the their cars, on their boats, their offices and on them are the hotel rooms on business. They are not looking for a date with superficial realistically when dating. Instead they are seeking work is on is on their true desire. It's not just the dream of a girl, but her beauty, each fiery passion for life and the excitement she will bring to you that attracts you. She can be your muse, your temptress, your keeper of secrets.
Karlie Montana of The Luxury Companion
Event planners and talent bookers consults with Adonia to fullfill event needs. 
We can coordinate entertainers to bring your event the premium attraction that you need to draw attendees and garner important media attention.  Contact us today to live up your professional function or indulge your private desires.