Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Meet the Sultry Heather Vahn

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Imagine one of your wildest, darkest and most forbidden dreams. Your heart beat pounds in your ears. Breath catches in your throat. Where are you? Maybe you’re not sure. But maybe it’s that boring business trip you’ve got coming up next month. Or that benefit you’ve got to attend. It could be a corporate event, or a bachelor party...imagine what you will. But for reasons you can’t understand, you don’t feel bored now. You sense something is coming, if you can just reach out and touch it…
                                                                             Luxury Companion and Travel Companions

You open a door, and a figure stands waiting. Your mouth goes dry. What can it mean? Who can it be? The shadows fade, and there she stands. She turns, the ripe curves of her body making your heart beat even faster. Your first sight of Angelica Taylor will be one you’ll never forget. Her blue eyes sparkle as her lush mouth curves into a naughty smile, just for you. Long, dark hair in tousled curls tosses over her shoulder, revealing a body the likes of which you’ll never see again. Flawless golden skin makes your hands itch to find out if it’s as soft and warm as it looks. Those legendary, luscious, double D breasts are even more perfect in person than they look on camera. You can take my word for it….

Or you can find out for yourself.

Angelica Taylor, star of print and dozens of adult films, can be your dark and sultry Asian star for a night...or a weekend...if you’re one of the fortunate few to be able to say you have had that honor. And through the magic of The Luxury Companion...all it takes is the courage to reach out and grab that star!

She is beautiful, sexy, sultry and decadent. She combines the exotic loveliness of her Asian roots with just the right touch of naughty girl sexiness that will undoubtedly leave you begging for more. No one who sees Angelica Taylor can forget her. Few are ever fortunate enough to stand in the presence of her breathtaking magnetism. 

But you could be one of those few. Contact The Luxury Companion today and find out how...

A companion for all seasons and all fun time Luxury date. Heather is the epitome of  a well rounded and beautiful sculpted top shelf all star all American Adult Star. Packed with manners and charm.

The Luxury Companion associates itself with only the best entertainers in the adult film industry, and one of our favorite companions, the sultry Heather Vahn, is certainly no exception. Born in  Sunny California Vahn is a sun-kissed bombshell with millions of  fans and fans with stars in their eyes. See some of Heathers Friends Heather's other Companion friends. Meeting new friends and getting  better acquainted with past friendship. Tlc helps you meet those that were meant to be loved.

They have countless reasons to love her, as do we, and now she is one of TLC’s featured companions. Buxom Protuberance and  Delicious, Apple Bottom blessed and all fun party time anytime Heather Vahn as Glazed he cover of Exotic dancer magazine and DVD box covers. Known for her dynamic personality and charm.

With her perfectly symmetrical figure, petite 5' 3 frame, and breathtaking 34D-23-24 measurements, Vahn is an absolute spectacle…an extremely hot one, and she aims to please. Whether it’s having fun on the beach, getting down at the club, or enjoying an intimate night together you can be sure Vahn will tickle your fancy.

Like so many other of TLC's companions Heather is experienced, and boasts a repertoire of fine tuned skills. She made her mark on the adult industry in 2008, and since her inception has made dozens of great films dealing in a wide range of categories. In her first year alone, Vahn was featured in seven separate full-length features that included both hardcore and gonzo scenes.

Flash forward six years, and Vahn is being recognized at the 2014 AVN Awards, alongside some of the other top names in the industry.

Vahn has collaborated with many of the industry’s biggest production companies and stars from Zero Tolerance and Overboard Video, to Digital Studios and New Sensations. Heather's intimate familiarity with the adult film world makes her an ideal companion. She’s well rounded, sexy, and not afraid to bare all. Heather Vahn will undoubtedly leave you a satisfied TLC member.

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