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Tlc is The Luxury Companion Alluring and Decadent

Luxury Companion Creme Del La Creme Jennifer Dark is that .
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someone who makes Life that much more beautiful 

Jennifer Dark
Adorning, Embellishment of a picture perfect posture silhouette of what a model material is. Meet Jennifer Dark. The beautiful people of  The Luxury Companion .

Jennifer Dark is a  nonpareil of a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities in today's Adult stars.

Jennifer is of refined European elegance and charm with just the right twist of a Dark side of pleasure to be around Jennifer Dark. Whats in a name ? There are many Jennifer's but there is only one Jennifer Dark. Some girls are just better than others and Jennifer is such a delight and pleasure to meet. Others are of all sizes and shapes, others are Raven Brunettes or busty blonds, Some have hair worn down long or short while Others with ivory or olive skin tones some just right all tanned. Whatever one finds pleasing to the eyes Jennifer turns heads and leaves memories etched within the foot steps along the sands of time.

Getting Addicted to Jennifer Dark Meet Jennifer up close and personal, Meet  Luxury Companion Jennifer Dark, Model, Convention Consumer Product Model, UFC fight night Ring side girl and one of Americas top ranked Adult Star.

The Luxury Companion, Travel companion, Dinner date companion and head turning eye candy Jennifer as seen on late night cable adult feature super star. Beckoning Beauty with a tremendous sense of alluring embellishment of captivating craves. Now available for limited private bachelors parties and special events for the gentlemen and couples of taste and adventure who are fortunate in the ability to meeting the Jennifer Dark. See Other feature Models and Companions http://luxurycompanions.weebly.com/

Is Jennifer Dark your Favorite Adult star, model or Feature dancer. If not make some time to rethink this. Jennifer Dark is as if its your birthday and the memories is the gift that keeps on giving.

Jennifer will be on Americas feature dance network with Alist Group and The Lee Network.  Keep your eyes wide open and eyes tuned for radio and late night Television advertisements announcing Jennifer Dark's scheduled announcements guess appearances at your nearest upscale Gentleman's clubs near your location. Girls of TLC

See her in a sheer nightie attire covering her precious anatomy momentarily covered, Just prior to a feature dance or photo shoots. Imagine Meeting your favorite Jennifer Dark adult Star, dancer Model, dinner date or travel mate.
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See Jennifer strips show show off  all of their lovely fit figures. Today's top stars Like Jennifer works at it, To attain that picture perfect body. Stretches, sit ups, and intense work outs yields that captivating mind bobbling physiques  Meet a slender and addictive personality of a most sort after adult star. There is also something daring about her so why not meet her now.

Have you seen that video of that Modern adult star. Watching her Slowly peeling the lingerie away from her natural body. The naughty Dark side of Jennifer Dark.

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See the dark haired Bombshell pose her creamy white flesh and pink pointed nipples while lifting up her nightie to reveal a very personal piercing that she loves.
Meet a few of Jennifer's friends on Brave sites
You just can’t seem to get enough of her. See that  "IT" girl  again for this all out girl on girl or any kind of shoot come to life. Her Web Shows should not be left fantasy unfulfilled. Meet Jennifer Dark at one or more Up Scale Gentleman's clubs Near you. 
Pleasure zones in though of memories and day dream antics of what that "It girl" is like. Behold the Luxury companion and Jennifer Dark With epic physical traits paired with a super sexy lingerie, That is  beauty Poses and posture and Glamour, exquisite Meeting her and her friends  in your Favorite gentleman's club, Magazines and Adult film stars. Meet them for a statement bachelors party. TLC makes it happens
Witness your IT girl bombshell adult star in a slinky dress that slides off and around her sensual body once the cameras start rolling. She doesn’t wait long before it comes off and off the charts.
Imagine what you would say to her if you met her, Be there and meet her.
Meeting and dating made easy, Go to a night club, Dine her, take her shopping, take a long romantic drive with her.
Are you a man who knows what he likes and does what he loves. You have a certain expectation and have right to demand that they be met. It’s this discerning attitude, this confidence that has gotten you where you are in life, and you see no reason to bend to anyone else’s standards. Not now...not ever.

You deserve a companion who can appreciate this kind of  personality in a man. A female of class, of a certain intellect, one who’ll appreciate a man who holds the door for her...but secretly get a shiver up her spine at that certain spark of danger in your eye.

If this is you...we have someone you need to meet! This is Jennifer Dark. Her beauty knows no superior. Since winning the Miss Erotica LA contest at age 20, she has been turning heads and firing imaginations on the adult entertainment scene. With over a hundred credits to her name, there hasn’t been a time when this classic beauty hasn’t been in high demand. With a spark of intelligence in her hazel eyes and a flirty grin on her lovely face, she’ll catch every eye in any room she enters.

And if she enters it on your arm, maybe you’ll be the man to discover what’s hidden under the surface of this sultry, sexy, sensuous adult model and actress.

Jennifer Dark goes a little weak in the knees for a man who is comfortable with his dominant side. In an interview, she bashfully admitted that what really gets her going is a man who knows how to bring out her submissive side. With downcast lashes and a becoming blush, she speaks of his forceful hands, of that certain quality she seeks.

Could you be that man? Through The Luxury Companion, you might be fortunate enough to find out! She is Jennifer. She is erotic, beautiful, witty and bright. Her sweet voice and bright smile will tantalize. Her lush body and long legs will beckon. Her confidence and elegant air will delight. And underneath it all, perhaps only for the right person, that rare and precious gift, to be coaxed out of hiding and then granted only to the right kind of man...submission.Alexis Grace


Starlett Alexis Grace is a gorgeous brunette porn star has  brought a many of unforgettable footage to Adult industry. Born in Hollywood California. Alexis defines herself as crazy for fun and great scenes who loves going to the beach and watching movies in her spare time. 

Alexis loves working in her industry where she consistently meets new and interesting people.  With a wonderful personality and  sexual appetite Alexis is just the kind of Babe you love to see getting down and dirty on camera! At he age of 20 She embarked into the world of a fetish model and transferred into adult shortly thereafter . During that time while actively performing immediately  credited with 35 different spicy hardcore films. 

Mrs Grace also owns her own fetish company, and has quite a few fantastic fetish videos on the website Bratty Girls Own You. Alexis now long  film list contains of hot girl on girl footage, Hot and super sexy solo girl performances. 

Meet he sexy and alluring Alexis Grace


Show case of alluring Decadent Beautiful Adult Stars, Feature dancers and Models. Luxurious companionship are made here.        

The Star Sisters Natasha and Natalia Star
Natasha Star
Sweet dreams were meant to be lived not just remaining a dream that is a constant in an ever changing world.
Adonia connecting you with Models & Adult Film Stars for extended moments of emotional utopia, one-on-one engagement and personalized fun. Who doesn't need a little TLC  in their lives ? Most certainly everyone at some point needs to just relax and let loose..

Bring you the goods and the bad girls. Meeting dinning playing chess with a Top Notch starlet or dating a top shelf Adult is now easier than ever.

So, What Adonia brings you is discretion and confidence in maintaining privacy , especially if you happen to be sitting at the Much coveted corner spot with a Office window view. Here is a Different view with a Profound, Heart Pounding Porn Star particulars.

No you don't need to be a specially trained stunt devil with a whip and chair to tame these Tigers. Just Love them, just adore them Be with Them. Date an arm candy beautiful girl with a fan fair celeb status. It was once said but now disproven that the keys to a man's heart is by way of their stomach. We are not all sure about this time less quote rather Adonia says try it all over the map with a travel companion. You are on top of the world when she is on top. Top shelf  Stars.

Met your Favorite Adult Star up close and Personal.

Jessica N

Jynx Maze

Visit the AVN Official Site for Up dates on The AVN 2015 In Las Vegas

Natasha Star Penthouse Pets The Star Sisters
http://avnawards.avn.comThe have Stars is their eyes. They are the Star Sisters. Natasha Star and Natalia Star. Double the company and three is not always a crowd. Full house with a winning hand The stars sisters. Porn Stars, Adult Models and feature dancers and Stunning Eye candy and jaw dropping appeal.
The Luxury Companion says companions, The Luxury Companion shouts TLC
we all say, Nice Shoes, Nice Nails and Lets have fun
Some of Natasha Star's Adult Film Credits                                   
Buxom, luscious, and shapely brunette stunner Angelina Valentine was born  in Lexington, Kentucky. She's of mixed Italian and Venezuelan descent. '

Valentine grew up on a farm in rural Kentucky and attended Catholic private schools. Awahh Bless her. 

 Angelina started out in the adult entertainment industry dancing at a strip club in Kentucky and It went viral.

 Adult film starlet Adriana Sage discovered Valentine while working as a featured dancer while on the road as a feature Dancer and encouraged her to go to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in porn movies. 

Angelina Valentine first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in her early 20's in 2007. Valentine won the Deep Throat Award from the X-rated Critics' Organization in 2009. Moreover, Angelina has been nominated for several AVN Awards that include Web Starlet of the Year in 2010 and Unsung Starlet of the Year in both 2010 and 2012. She's an Luxurious Companion of epic proportions.

Angelina Valentine is good and Bad and brings the goods. 34 DDD 

Angelina Valentine

Angelina Valentine

Adult Star fans Be sure to visit he 2014 AVN Award Show fan page for Updates

                                                       AVN 2014

For three decades, the AVN Awards Show has been the adult industry’s biggest night; the award the industry’s highest honor. With a stylish red carpet pre-show and lavish star-studded ceremony, AVN celebrates outstanding achievements in the business of pleasure, presenting nearly 100 awards in categories as diverse as Best Video, Best New Starlet, Most Outrageous Sex Scene, Best Group Sex Scene, and Best Selling DVD of the Year.
The AVN Awards Show takes place each January, during the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, and is attended by everyone who is anyone in the adult industry. Broadcast on Showtime Networks since 2008, the AVN Awards ceremony is watched by millions and features performances by mainstream comedians and top musical acts. Past guests include Grammy-nominated artist Flo-Rida, Tyga, Baby Bash, Buckcherry, Smashmouth, Lit, and Lil’ Jon & the Ying Yang Twins, as well as celebrities such as Lisa Lampanelli, Dave Attell, Gene Simmons, Jim Norton, Bobby Slayton, Criss Angel, Vince Neil, and more.
Dubbed "The Oscars of Adult" by Entertainment Weekly, the AVN Awards is a must-attend, must-see event, featuring the hottest stars from adult and mainstream pop culture.

Angelina Valentine's  Bio as written by Angelina from her site

Get so excited that you finally get a chance to share my amazing site with everyone! As u can see Mrs Vanentine an Italian/Venezuelan beauty who is 22 years old.Born and raised in the Southern Belt way of  Kentucky! Yes Indeed a Kentucky Woman in a profound new way Is Born again.  So  a true southern belle! I movingf to California after thinking about it for a  year. Bound and sometimes Bound to pursue that career in the adult industry!  Angelina Valentine Cokpanion who is  really well known especially for my squirting a big Ole mess. Bigger than the one in Washington DC. Wild and crazy sex scenes that rock till your jaw drops!!!! As seen  performed in over 450 movies and they’re still comming!!! One awesome skill that she  have is to keep a deep throat any size woody wood pecker! There's no dicky dogg too big to me mastered or gobble up! Hey guys Now you see it and Now you dont, Angelina can make some larger things  disappear with ease! Very wild and a super freak under the sheets!! Put a Handle on thsi Gem.  She loves to play with sexy with others girls and guys! She has a sexy little piercing right on her Private area As well as her Generous tongue! She uses it well! Just to let u know this is an exclusive access up close and personal into her crazy  life! Nothing is ever fake with the This Falen Angel ! As you will soon see....come deep into her  world and let her make your knees buckle leaving you begging for younger days! You may want to grab some napkins cause your going to need it!
  Lusty Busty Christie Stevens. Bold Proud and BLOND

Christie brings a certain elegant passion to her scenes. Charming and committed, her abilities are not lost on her, and she is proceeding into the industry with an overwhelming desire to entertain. Not only can she perform at the top level, she can act, feature dance and aspires to be the absolute best in everything she does.
One of the most engaging performers to come along in recent years, Christie's early scenes include work for Jules Jordan Video, Digital Playground, Third Degree Films, Brazzers, Naughty America, Penthouse and others. She hopes to one day star in her own feature film.
Ladies, Gentlemen and Couples welcome to The Luxury Companion.
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Candy Manson is a legendary American Adult Star. Luxury Companion Eye candy
The Luxury Companion features Candy Manson as highly recommended  Starlet. Candy Is rated as one of The best Porn Star Feature Dancer. Candy Manson can e seen at some of North Americas Top Gentlemen's Clubs

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Candy Manson

Meet  Jaelyn Fox


                                         Jaelyn Fox

Your Best friend and party fantasy girl, Feature dancer and Super Adult star Courtney Cummz
Partial Bio
Her first job was a waitress at an Applebee's franchise.  She later worked in a nudist resort as a cocktail server where she worked topless. While at college she studied Fashion Design and Marketing and has only to do her internship to earn her degree. She is a Luxury companion tlc type of girl.
Meet Courtney Cummz.

Her stage name came about because her friends all nicknamed her "CC" and she liked the name "Courtney". One of her friends suggested "Cums" as a last name in reference to her frequent masturbation, which became "Cummz"

In her first few months, she was doing at least thirty scenes a month and almost all of those scenes involved anal sex. She credits Joey Silvera for broadening her horizons sexually to fetishes like female to male strapon sex  and foot play.
Her parents are aware of her chosen profession; Courtney Cummz has related a story of how during her first year in the adult business she came down with pink eye and as a result did not go home for Christmas. She received a Christmas package from her mother and stepfather containing various dominatrix outfits and a note saying only "Love Mom and Dad".
In October 2005 she signed with the production company Zero Tolerance Entertainment to be their first 'contract girl'. Courtney Cummz has an exclusive contract with ZT, and also directs films for the company.

CourtneyCummz began directing in 2006 with her first DVD being Face Invaders (starring Eva Angelina).
Courtney Cummz was specifically chosen to be a guest on Howard Stern's last radio show before moving to Sirius,.
In October 2007, Courtney made a cameo appearance on the CBS television show, The Unit. The episode titled "Inside Out" showed Courtney in a gentlemen's club.
Cummz also makes regular radio appearances on The Tony Kornheiser Show where she picks NFL football games, and college basketball game.
Here is Who your Next Featured Starlett and Luxury Companion will be